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fitness tumblr


fitness tumblr

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i love it when you cruise by another person driving a vdub, knowing their an enthusiast, and ya’ll just give the peace sign saying what’s up. makes me feel good. like “fuck yeah, volkswagen sonnnn!”, lmao.. :)

That’s one thing I love about the Volkswagen community, they show love to each other not like Hondas reving their engines to one another and trying to race each other lol

I want to ask you one question. If I had some nuts, hanging on the wall, what would I have honey? I said, “Darlin, you’d have some walnuts!” She said, “Well, Daddy, if I had some nuts on my chest would those be chestnuts?” I said “Hell yeah.” She said, “Well, Daddy, if I had some nuts on my chin would those be chin nuts?” I said “Hell no bitch, you’d have a dick in your
mouth!” :3



Think like you run the world.
Walk like you own the world.
& Live in nobody’s but your own world.

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